Using ssh bastion hosts without going mad

My employer uses ssh bastion hosts. This means in order to ssh into any server, I must first connect to a known secure server, or ‘bastion host’.

To deal with the double-connection pain, most people I know maintain a long list aliases to the servers they most commonly ssh into. For years I too maintained one of these wild configurations in my dotfiles, changing and committing it every time we stood up new servers. No more!

SSH config

My .ssh/config now contains these four precious lines:

Host bastion

Host *
  ProxyCommand ssh bastion nc %h %p

This configuration will match any host under and transparently proxy it through the bastion host using netcat.

Bash completion

I also use bash-completion on my Mac (brew install bash-completion). This allows me to auto-complete hostnames that are in my ~/.ssh/known_hosts. With bash-completion available, ssh blah+TAB auto-completes to ssh

So in the past, my ssh aliases existed for two reasons: to perform the proxy, and to shorten crazy-long hostnames. This ssh config and bash-completion make the need to maintain aliases disappear.

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